Donald Stephen (Steve) Phillips
Phillips Building & Contracting
Moved to Somerset, Ohio

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Posted 9/27/2017    

Phillips website, apparently blocked for legal reasons Sept 2017.

Website was taken down October, 2017.
Donald Stephen Phillips, aka Steve Phillips of Phillips Building & Contracting, 904-813-4310. We have filed numerous complaints with both State and Federal agencies. Additionally, Phillips may be in violation of Florida statute 713.345, and as the statue reads, may be guilty of a felony of the second degree - he has not applied payments he has received to the subcontractor as required by law. We estimate the repairs to date to be between $21,700 and $23,700, and we have paid over $26,000.00 to date. Phillips did apply payments for supplies (the windows, estimated to be $10-$14,000), however he owes the stucco subcontractor for the work he has performed to date. Phillips owes the subcontractor nearly $10,000.00, but it appears he has left the state and moved to Ohio. Phillips was instructed not to have any further contact with my wife, due to his rude and hostile behavior.

Apparently, Phillips has had to change his website before. This was a previous website for Phillips, but this one has also been taken down: Here is a link to Phillips on the BBB website .

Due to Phillips refusal to pay his subcontractor, the subcontractor, Knapp Stucco Services, LLC (904-753-3777), placed a lien on our property. Michael Robert Knapp sent a nasty email (name calling), in spite of the fact that we tried to work with him to resolve the situation. Phillips also stated to the DBPR that he didn't have a contract with Knapp, so he doesn't owe him anything. Phillips has failed to respond to our certified letter received by his wife, Jocelyn Amy Phillips, on 8/26/17, which was sent to his Florida PO Box 1659, but forwarded by the USPS to 6388 Rugosa Ave, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068. Phillips bought 26.9 acres in Somerset, Ohio, but it was purchased in his wife's name alone (Jocelyn A. Phillips). Wonder why?!

Quotes (verbatim) from Steve Phillips:
  • "The contract states i get paid when I ask, end of story, no justification, no dangling carrot. Pay or I don't work. If I don't get paid I lien the house and so do my subs."
  • "This is not the only job my subs or I are pricing or working on. Unfortunately, nothing is happening fast with all the work going on right now. Everyone has more work than they need."
  • "Everything is hurry up and wait. Don't feel like you are the only one. Demand for everything and everyone far exceeds the supply of labor."
  • "I understand your situation, so if you are able to find someone that isn't as busy as we are and able to get on it right away you are welcome to do so. I don't anticipate anything letting up that would enable us to go any faster." This was shortly before Phillips added an address forward to Ohio.

Permanent or forwarding addresses used by Phillips Building and Contracting:

   2775 US Highway 22, Somerset OH 43783 (Jocelyn Amy Phillips)
   46923 Sauls Rd, Callahan, FL 32011 (Hollyce Ann Bryan)
   PO Box 1659, Callahan, FL 32011 9048134310 (Phillips Building & Contracting) 904-813-4310
   12620 Fish Hawk Ln, Jacksonville, FL 32225 (Steven A. Goldblatt and Jacquelyn P Goldblatt)
   6388 Rugosa Ave, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068 (Steven A. Goldblatt and Jacquelyn P Goldblatt)

Known email addresses:
Phillips website, apparently blocked for legal reasons Sept 2017.